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education with grit.

Sean Stark

With a background in law enforcement, martial arts, fitness and nutrition certifications spanning three decades, Sean is highly skilled in the area of self-protection.

Sean’s journey of service start by being involved in helping empower and protect children through B.A.C.A.® and now both children and adults alike through the development of Guerrilla Global Training, Guerrilla Self-Protection and the Guerrilla Anti-Trafficking Project.

Sean’s accomplishments:

  • Author of eight books
  • Military Police Officer—Augsburg Germany
  • Private Security (2+ years)
  • Rode with Bikers Against Child Abuse (5+ years)
  • Founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran (22+ years)
  • Instructor of Hok Kuen (12 years)
  • Instructor of Gold Lion Kung Fu (10+ years)
  • Pelatih of Pencak Silat Raja Sterlak (7 years)
  • Pelatih of Pencak Silat Pamur (4 years)
  • Trained in Pencak Silat Jati Wisesa (4+ years)
  • Trained in Pencak Silat Raja Monyet (4+ years)
  • Trained in Arnis/Kali (26+ years)
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition (2 years)
  • Certified in Fitness Instructor (1 year)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach (1 year)

Sean has a desire to help those who have little protection and even smaller voices by coaching in the areas of prevention, preparation, and empowering people with efficient and direct methods of survival that are easily learned and easily transmitted. All of which can help to restore the individual who has already suffered.

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