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Good Intentions

Lies we tell ourselves
The world is littered with good intentions.
People who start projects and pursue ideas and dreams that “strike a chord” with you for some reason.
You start hard, get busy and are making great progress. You can see value and benefit but soon, life rears it’s ugly head.
You begin to realize that doing this thing is harder than you imagined when you started. Despite your good intentions.
Life pulls at you and you’ve grown accustomed to letting yourself be pulled along. It’s hard to find that balance and soon you find yourself doing a little bit less, then even more, and eventually you’ve stopped.
You still care, but you adapt to your status rather than taking ownership of your life.
Your good intentions still exist but you’ve decided that what you once said you cared about takes too much energy right now. You’ll get back to it when X, Y, and Z are gone.
You’ve told yourself what you wanted to hear. You still feel good about yourself because you’re part of something.
After some time, that good feeling fades away and all you’re left with are those good intentions you started with—maybe.
In 30 years of teaching and training I see this more than anything. One in about 30 even get moving. One in about 30 of those movers stay at it. One in about 30 of those rise up to lead.
Where are you?

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