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Guerrilla Anti-Trafficking Project



To activate and support people who want to be involved in helping to educate, prevent, identify, and rescue sex-trafficking victims and at-risk parties within their communities but who aren’t interested in taking up Guerrilla Self-Protection or perhaps even have their own method of self-protection training.

It includes learning the signs of grooming, predatory behavior, recognition of a trafficked child, intervention, and ways to prevent your children, grand children, or yourself from becoming a victim to violent and predatory behavior.

This is intended to help anyone develop the awareness and recognition skills so necessary for prevention. It’s a great addition to one of the other hands-on courses but can easily stand alone.

As with anything, if you spend 30 minutes on a skill you’ll get 30 minutes of value. However, spend 30 hours on these and you’ll have some good tools you can use to help others and protect yourself. Learn it. Share it.


If you are an organization, educator, or person who wants to be educated on ways to help your community join the fight against human trafficking without an intensive entry point the G.A.P. Collaborator program is ideal.

The G.A.P. Collaborator program provides everything you need to get started without the full commitment of the G.A.P. Cell Leader program.

Once you’ve completed the necessary coursework and successfully passed the testing requirements you will be listed on the G.A.P. Collaborator page for one year from the date of completion of the required materials.


This certification course is for those interested in all of the skills to educate in their communities and fundamental steps of the intervention process.

This is an excellent opportunity for educators, instructors, and teachers who want a more extensive program that builds on the G.A.P. Collaborator program but still does not require learning the physical skills of Guerrilla Self-Protection.


Why only a year? Because materials are updated, ideas fostered and improved, and to shake the rust of areas that may not be used as often.

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