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Learn to deal with the tackle, the waist grab, and other forms of body control.

It can seem easy enough to stay away from an attacker, but once they get a hold of your waist it can be very difficult to get free again. Learn to deal with the tackle, the waist grab, and other forms body control.

Course Curriculum

Waist Control 00:00:00
Waist Control
Anti-Tackle 00:15:00
Front Waist Grab 00:10:00
Rear Waist Grab 00:09:00
Anti-Tackle Drilling Example 01:05:00
Stacking in Waist Control 00:04:00
Scenario Training
Scenario Ideas 00:15:00

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  1. Thorough & Comprehensive


    This course provides a thorough look at breakaways – from wrist to waist to vulnerable starting positions – and provides inspiration for scenario training, stacking and drilling.

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Guerrilla Global was created to arm community leaders like coaches, teachers, mentors, and parents with the tools to encourage identification and resistance to predatory behavior.

Unlike many organizations we are perfectly equipped to educate both males and females in physical and non-physical aspects.

Our platform allows for both online and in-person training, speaking, and coaching engagements.

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