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Education with Grit!

We all have them. We flinch. We jump. We push threats away. And we do it without thinking about it. This course is all about putting some thinking into it and refining those innate skills.

It’s one thing to have innate skills that just happen. That’s great! And we don’t want to take those away. We do want to make them as efficient and useful as possible. This course is all about doing that very thing.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Survival Instincts 00:03:00
Avoiding Attacks 00:12:00
Learning to use our defensive reactions to evade attacks.
Instinctive Responses
Active Posture 00:05:00
Spear 00:03:00
Shield Wall 00:30:00
The Shield 00:17:00
Weakness of Instinct (Shield Wall) 00:03:00
Well the answer is that instinctual response are based on survival mechanisms that have been hard-wired into us. However, just like a person who can draw or is musically inclined, if your innate skills are developed they improve to the point of value and depth—those that are neglected won't. 
Shield-Scooping, Parrying 00:03:00
Finesse of survival. Not a critical skill but does add value to your overall ability.
Instinctive Response Drilling Explained 00:06:00
Drilling Evasions 00:04:00
Instinctual Response Mitt Drills 00:00:00
Sitting in the Chaos 00:04:00
Mitt Drills to Activate the Scoop And Parry 00:04:00
Solo Stacking Explanation 00:05:00
Scenario Ideas 00:15:00
Course Conclusion 00:03:00

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