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Creating Safer Spaces.

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You’ve probably seen them but you may not have known who you were looking at and what they were going through. It’s not something we’re accustomed to noticing or seeing so we might just overlook it.

Estimates as to the number of victims of human trafficking (read: slaves) worldwide range anywhere from 20 million to in excess of 31 million. Whether they are being pushed into the sex trade or other forced labor, there are a number of signs that are common among these victims.

This course quickly gets you through the fundamentals of what to look for in recognizing a trafficking victim.

Course Collaborator Cameron Kittrell

Course Curriculum

The Signs Of Trafficking
Physical Signs-The Bad Kind 00:03:00
Physical Signs-The Bad Kind Unlimited
Physical Signs-The Good Kind 00:03:00
Physical Signs-The Good Kind Unlimited
Behavioral Signs 00:03:00
Behavioral Signs Unlimited
Misery is Often Accompanied 00:03:00
Misery Unlimited
What Next? 00:05:00

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  1. Good Material for Educators, Coaches, Employers and Parents


    Course is ideal for teachers, coaches, employers and parents alike to educate themselves and others on the signs of abuse and/or trafficking. Can be easily instituted as part of a one-time or ongoing awareness and prevention program.

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Guerrilla Global was created to arm community leaders like coaches, teachers, mentors, and parents with the tools to encourage identification and resistance to predatory behavior.

Unlike many organizations we are perfectly equipped to educate both males and females in physical and non-physical aspects.

Our platform allows for both online and in-person training, speaking, and coaching engagements.

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