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Level 4–Countering Attacks to the Body P2


    Silat Dirty Boxing—Level 4


    This is the complete curriculum for the 4th level of Pencak Silat Pertempuran. This is the second series to address low attacks and looks at it from a fresh perspective. And this is a required piece of training for the Apprentice Instructor Program.

    Course Curriculum

    The Threat 00:10:00
    The Threat Unlimited
    Be Less Social 00:05:00
    The Known 00:30:00
    Everyday Decisions 00:10:00
    Learn and Teach 00:08:00
    Grooming 00:15:00
    The Known Unlimited
    Be Less Social Unlimited
    Everyday Decisions Unlimited
    Grooming Unlimited
    Learn and Teach Unlimited
    Physical Signs-The Bad Kind 00:03:00
    Physical Signs-The Good Kind 00:03:00
    Behavioral Signs 00:03:00
    Misery is Often Accompanied 00:03:00
    What Next? 00:05:00
    Ways to Practice 00:05:00
    The Flinch 00:15:00
    The Program 00:10:00
    As you likely know by now, the purpose of this program is to provide a means for people to learn to protect and value themselves and their loved ones by giving them the efficient tools to do so.
    North – Deeper Understanding 00:05:00
    The Tools 00:07:00
    Compression 00:05:00
    Discussing methodology and need for compression in close quarters hitting, best practices, and alternative methods.
    Basic Explosive Footwork 00:06:00
    Simple Introduction to Explosive Footwork for Power Generation
    Generating Powerful Strikes 00:07:00
    It'll take a little practice but it's possible to create devastating power from 0 space when you compress and use footwork as well as body torque.
    ECQ Striking Demonstration 00:06:00
    Deeper Understanding 00:05:00
    Avoiding Attacks 00:05:00
    Learning to use our defensive reactions to evade attacks.
    The Shield 00:03:00
    Shield Wall 00:30:00
    Spear 00:03:00
    Deeper Understanding 00:10:00
    Limb Disruptions/Destructions 00:04:00
    Limb Disruption Drills 00:30:00
    Various drills for learning to destroy and disrupt an attackers limbs and flow.
    Secondary Targets 00:03:00
    Deeper Understanding 00:30:00
    Basic Base Disruption Kicks 00:05:00
    There are some basic tools of Disruption. They involve stomping, oblique kicks, and knees primarily. There are a lot of different ways to use them as we'll work through.
    Base Disruption Targets 00:02:00
    The targets are above the knee in most cases because your goal is to disrupt the structure of the individual.
    Base Disruption Exploration 00:05:00
    Exploration of base disruptions through the use of drilling, scenarios, and orientation changes.
    Going Deeper—Disrupting Patterns 00:07:00
    Learning to disrupt patterns is a key to personal growth.
    Catches/Catching 00:06:00
    As it sounds, the purpose of this level is to "catch" the attacking limb. That mostly means to interrupt the flow of attacks sufficiently enough to redirect, flank, or produce space for further disruption or countering and ultimately fleeing.
    Latching, Hooking, & Handles 00:08:00
    Latching and hooking are necessary aspects of attachment to an opponent, along with catching but the purpose is not only to defend but to create a stronger or better angle to work from.
    Flanking 00:08:00
    The ultimate goal of some of the hand methods is to get "offline" from the attacks and the best way to do that is through flanking.
    D.6.4 Going Deeper 00:00:00
    L5 Introduction to Disruptive Offenses 00:05:00
    Situational Awareness 00:40:00
    L5 Threat Recognition 00:30:00
    L5 Threat Disruption 00:30:00
    L5 Jurus 9 00:30:00
    L5 De-escalation 00:30:00
    L5 Langkah Gelek 00:30:00
    L5 Environmental Awareness 00:15:00
    L5 Single Hand Check 00:30:00
    L5 Disruptive Hand Entries 00:30:00
    L5 Two Hand Checking 00:30:00
    L5 Elbow Entries 00:30:00
    L5 Disruptive Foot Entries 00:30:00
    L5 Trapping 00:30:00
    L5 Set Points, Angulation, and Funneling 00:30:00
    L5 Meditation 00:30:00
    L5 Visualization 00:30:00
    L5 Stress Inoculation 00:30:00
    L5 Final Quiz 00:15:00
    L1 Introduction To The Course 00:45:00
    L1 Basic Tools 01:00:00
    L1 Welcoming Postures (Sikap Pasang) 00:30:00
    L1 Hand Movements (Gerak) 01:00:00
    L1 Stepping/Footwork (Langkah) 01:00:00
    L1 Combination Stepping (Langkah Kombinasi) 00:30:00
    L1 Meta-forms (Jurus) 01:00:00
    Counter Striking Off The Slip 00:45:00
    Learning how to counter strike off of head attacks is a critical skill in self-protection. The methods found in this short course are specific to South East Asian martial arts—specifically pencak silat.
    L1 Foot Entry (Masukan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L1 Elbow Destructions (Totok Siku) 00:45:00
    L1 Stomping Destruction (Totok Kaki) 00:30:00
    L1 Foot Sweeps (Timbilan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L1 Hand Takedowns (Timbilan Tangan) 00:45:00
    L1 Joint Locks (Kunci) 00:45:00
    L1 Strangles (Cekik) 00:30:00
    L1 Hand Checks (Pencegah Tangan) 00:30:00
    L1 Elbow Entry (Masukan Siku) 00:15:00
    L1 Kick Destructions (Totok Sepak) 00:20:00
    L1 Hand Destructions (Totok Tangan) 00:30:00
    L1 Knee Destruction (Totok Lutut) 00:00:00
    L1 Ending Strike (Pukul Pembas) 00:30:00
    L1 Neck Breaks (Leher Patah) 00:45:00
    L1 Cultural Etiquette (Hormat) 00:00:00
    L1 Combat Positioning System 00:30:00
    L1 Catching (Tangkapan) 00:15:00
    L1 Head Evasion (Ales Kepala) 01:00:00
    L1 Leg Checks (Pencegah Kaki) 00:30:00
    L1 Leg Evasion (Ales Kaki) 00:30:00
    L1 Exchanging (Pertukaran) 00:30:00
    L1 Breaking (Pematahan) 00:30:00
    Final Quiz L1 00:10:00
    These materials are required for advancement.
    L4 Introduction 00:10:00
    L4 Meta-Movement & Baiting (Gerak & Sikap Pasang) 00:30:00
    L4 Shuffle Step 00:45:00
    L4 Combined Footwork & Handwork 00:30:00
    L4 Meta-forms (Jurus) 01:15:00
    These applications are required for advancement.
    L4 Hand Entry (Masukan Tangan) 00:25:00
    L4 Foot Entry (Masukan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L4 Elbow Destructions (Totok Siku) 00:30:00
    L4 Stomping Destruction (Totok Kaki) 00:30:00
    L4 Foot Sweeps (Timbilan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L4 Hand Takedowns (Timbilan Tangan) 00:20:00
    L4 Joint Locks (Kunci) 00:30:00
    L4 Strangles (Cekik) 00:45:00
    These applications are not required for advancement but are great skills for self-protection.
    L4 Hand Checks (Pencegah Tangan) 00:30:00
    L4 Elbow Entry (Masukan Siku) 00:30:00
    L4 Hand Destructions (Totok Tangan) No VIDEO 00:30:00
    L4 Knee Destruction (Totok Lutut) 00:30:00
    L4 Kick Destructions (Totok Sepak) 00:25:00
    L4 Ending Strike (Pukul Pembas) 00:20:00
    L4 Neck Breaks (Leher Patah) 00:20:00
    These skills will help you to Go Deeper in your PSP understanding.
    L4 Body Evasion (Ales Badan) 00:25:00
    L4 Leg Evasion (Ales Kaki) 00:15:00
    L4 Leg Checks (Pencegah Kaki) 00:30:00
    L4 Exchanging (Pertukaran) 00:30:00
    L4 Catching (Tangkapan) 00:30:00
    L4 Final Quiz 00:10:00
    L2 Introduction 00:05:00
    L2 Meta-Movement & Baiting (Gerak & Sikap Pasang) 00:30:00
    L2 Turn Around Step (Langkah) 00:30:00
    L2 Combination Stepping (Langkah Kombinasi) 00:30:00
    L2 Meta-forms (Jurus) 00:30:00
    L2 Hand Entry (Masukan Tangan) 00:45:00
    L2 Foot Entry (Masukan Kaki) 00:45:00
    L2 Elbow Destructions (Totok Siku) 00:30:00
    L2 Stomping Destruction (Totok Kaki) 00:30:00
    L2 Foot Sweeps (Timbilan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L2 Hand Takedowns (Timbilan Tangan) 00:30:00
    L2 Joint Locks (Kunci) 00:30:00
    L2 Strangles (Cekik) 00:45:00
    L2 Hand Checks (Pencegah Tangan) 00:40:00
    L2 Elbow Entry (Masukan Siku) 00:30:00
    L2 Hand Destructions (Totok Tangan) 00:30:00
    L2 Knee Destruction (Totok Lutut) 00:30:00
    L2 Kick Destructions (Totok Sepak) 00:45:00
    L2 Ending Strike (Pukul Pembas) 00:45:00
    L2 Neck Breaks (Leher Patah) 00:50:00
    L2 Catching (Tangkapan) 00:30:00
    L2 Exchanging (Pertukaran) 00:00:00
    L2 Head Evasion (Ales Kepala) 00:25:00
    L2 Leg Checks (Pencegah Kaki) 00:20:00
    L2 Leg Evasion (Ales Kaki) 00:15:00
    L2 Final Quiz 00:10:00
    L3 Introduction 00:05:00
    L3 Meta-Movement & Baiting (Gerak & Sikap Pasang) 00:30:00
    Explosive Footwork Breakdown 00:45:00
    All about Explosive Footwork. This teaches you how to move quickly and more non-telegraphic then most people ever will.
    L3 Combined Footwork & Handwork 00:30:00
    L3 Meta-forms (Jurus) 01:15:00
    L3 Hand Entry (Masukan Tangan) 00:45:00
    L3 Foot Entry (Masukan Kaki) 00:45:00
    L3 Elbow Destructions (Totok Siku) 00:30:00
    L3 Stomping Destruction (Totok Kaki) 00:20:00
    L3 Hand Takedowns (Timbilan Tangan) 00:20:00
    L3 Foot Sweeps (Timbilan Kaki) 00:30:00
    L3 Joint Locks (Kunci) 00:30:00
    L3 Strangles (Cekik) 00:45:00
    L3 Elbow Entry (Masukan Siku) 00:30:00
    L3 Ending Strike (Pukul Pembas) 00:20:00
    L3 Hand Checks (Pencegah Tangan) 00:30:00
    L3 Hand Destructions (Totok Tangan) 00:30:00
    L3 Kick Destructions (Totok Sepak) 00:20:00
    L3 Knee Destruction (Totok Lutut) 00:30:00
    L3 Neck Breaks (Leher Patah) 00:50:00
    L3 Body Evasion (Ales Badan) 00:25:00
    L3 Catching (Tangkapan) 00:30:00
    L3 Exchanging (Pertukaran) 00:30:00
    L3 Leg Checks (Pencegah Kaki) 00:30:00
    L3 Leg Evasion (Ales Kaki) 00:15:00
    L3 Final Quiz 00:10:00

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