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Fight Back: Use Your Elbows! – Guerrilla Global
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Education with Grit!

One of the most fundamental ways to fight back is through the use of the elbow.

The elbow may be the most effective upper body tool to use in your self-protection strategy.

Course Curriculum

Elbow Introduction 00:00:00
Diagonal Elbow 00:06:00
Outward & Inward Elbow 00:03:00
Overturned Elbow 00:08:00
Used on an angle when the attacker is close but not aligned directly in front of you.
Vertical Elbow 00:12:00
The Upward or Vertical elbow strike is most often used against the chin and the arms of an attacker but simply raising your elbow forward and upward, but learning power with it is a different story.
Horizontal Elbow 00:12:00
The Horizontal Elbow strike is detailed out to show you the mechanics of powerful hitting.
Back Elbow 00:02:00
The back elbow, is an elbow used when you want to strike backwards using the back portion of the elbow to inflict disrupt, stun, or damage an attacker. Watch the video to learn proper use, power development, and ideas on ways to practice. 
Downward Elbow 00:08:00
This is sometimes used at times where there is not a lot of space to strike with the hand because perhaps the attacker is too close. However, you still need to defend yourself so sometimes this elbow comes in handy. 
Elbow Entries 00:20:00
Elbow Disruptions 00:05:00
Elbow Drills 00:08:00
Stacking Elbow Entries 00:08:00
Scenario Ideas 00:15:00
Course Conclusion 00:03:00

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About Guerrilla Global

Guerrilla Global was created to arm community leaders like coaches, teachers, mentors, and parents with the tools to encourage identification and resistance to predatory behavior.

Unlike many organizations we are perfectly equipped to educate both males and females in physical and non-physical aspects.

Our platform allows for both online and in-person training, speaking, and coaching engagements.

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