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Explosive Footwork Clinic

Exploring the footwork needed for street level explosive mobility..


The purpose of this course is to teach the necessary components of footwork as found in Guerrilla Self-Protection, Silat Dirty Boxing, Muay Thai, and effective self-defense.

It will teach you to move effectively, efficiently, and explosively. This is a video centric course that utilizes some common ideas but performed with a single building block that is expanded and used to address many different footwork needs. This keeps the course relatively simple, adaptable, and readily applicable for people of any level.


Course Curriculum

The Footwork
Explosive Footwork Breakdown 00:45:00
All about Explosive Footwork. This teaches you how to move quickly and more non-telegraphic then most people ever will.
Pivoting 00:05:00
Learning to pivot is critical for maintaining spatial control, stuffing tackles, and creating angle. Let's get moving!
Side to Side Stepping & Lead Changing 00:05:00
Shuffling/Cycling Footwork 00:02:00
Learning to cycle or shuffle your footwork.
Training Methods
Training Method for Explosive Footwork 00:05:00
A simple method for getting people moving in a way that most people can relate to for Explosive Footwork. I only use this when I don't have a lot of time to communicate and when someone is struggling.
Training Method 2 For Explosive Footwork 00:02:30
A solo method for learning the basic skill of explosive footwork. Cannot teach all methods but can help break through the critical mass. In addition it can be useful for multiple student learning.
Solo Training Methods for Explosive Footwork 00:15:00
Here is a series of solo training methods that can be used to develop Explosive Footwork skills. In addition, these skills help to develop kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness.  
Classroom Example of Explosive Footwork 01:25:00
Classroom examples with further details on explosive footwork.

Course Reviews


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  1. Lays the Foundation


    Footwork being the foundation, this course is great at providing the basics and then building upon them for more powerful striking, avoiding attack and stopping a threat.

  2. 5

    Excellent breakdown of what has often been a somewhat unnecessarily esoteric topic. Love the solo drills!!

    • Always my beef with footwork explanations is that they are unnecessarily static. It makes no sense. No triangles exist—only angles. No boxes exist—only lines. To move and create power and avoid power you must learn to do it explosively, reactively, and without hesitation. Period.

  3. 4

    Very simply explained and I am noticing the difference in my practice sessions

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