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Preparation: Before Violence Finds You


A portion of a good defense, protection, or combative program is understanding what it all means, ensuring you are able to freely respond, understand the laws of your state, and some of the keys to success.

There are a lot of components that can be involved in this decision making process that you undergo before you make the decision to take a course of action. This course helps you to work through each of those components at a basic level before the moment of need in order to reduce that process and free you to respond, knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to do so.

Course Curriculum

The Law and You
Your Rights 00:30:00
Understanding your rights and obligations when it comes to defending yourself.
My Rights (Before Violence) 5, 00:00
Dress Your Best
Dress for Success 00:30:00
What to wear? (Before Violence) 5, 00:00
Building a Plan
Building Plans 00:40:00
Building a plan is not about strict planning but about loose planning.
Build a Plan (Before Violence) 5, 00:00
Understanding You
Violence Assessment 00:00:00
Violence Readiness Assessment (Before Violence) 5, 00:00
Course Conclusion
Course Conclusion 00:03:00

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