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Cadre – Guerrilla Global
Contact for queries :+01 (D21) H02.M811

Education with Grit!





A  global guerrilla army is growing as you read this.... I'm sorry if you're not a part of it yet—change that narrative. It's your choice!

What is the Guerrilla Global Army? It’s an army of individuals who want to provide support to their community for any number of social issues such as: bullying, racism, sexual abuse and predation, discrimination, and violent assault.

They may even just want to protect themselves or their families from the changing criminal landscape.

It is an army of Guerrillas who have joined the ranks by taking an oath to help themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods find freedom. They've also taken the steps to get the necessary training to do it.

It is an army driven by everyday people just like you who refuse to be bound by fear, inability, and oppression by anyone—for anyone.

These Guerrillas have taken ownership of that belief and are giving others that opportunity for that same ownership!

They are bad ass individuals that are spreading the gift of prevention, preparation, survival, and restoration. Some have been victims in the past but they are becoming warriors—Guerrillas! They are changing the narrative of their life and the lives of those they reach by choosing action over words.

The Guerrilla Global Army is spreading and it needs people like you to step up! Will you take the first step to freedom and join with these Guerrilla’s by taking the Oath?




Guerrilla Global, LLC is broken up into two distinct projects. One that addresses the needs of self-protection (G.S.P.) and the other addressing human trafficking (G.A.P).

Follow the links to learn more about each program. 



Guerrilla Self-Protection (G.S.P.) and can be broken up into this basic cadre structure: Block Commander, Commander, Block Leader, Cell Leader, Guerrilla and Collaborator. The structure is built on the premise of the active spreading of Guerrilla Self-Protection. 

It is not a hierarchy of "rank."

It should be thought of as an acknowledgement of the efforts the individual has put into spreading Guerrilla Self-Protection to serve others. The more service, the more value to the communities, and therefore the greater responsibility and acknowledgement.

This is a non-hierarchical approach and each individual decides their level of community involvement and action—understanding that where energy is received—energy will be given.

Collaborators are those in the global community who have committed to helping or have given us guidance or education.



The Guerrilla Anti-Trafficking Project (G.A.P.) is only made up of Cell Leaders and Collaborators. A GAP Cell leader is someone who has completed the training and sufficiently passed the testing required. This training represents about 30 hours of non-physical training.

Collaborators are those in the global community who have committed to helping or have given us guidance or education.


(The following lists are of those who are actively involved, and their current position within Guerrilla Global. For your safety only receive instruction from those listed as active Cell Leaders.)


Guerrilla Self-Protection Ranks


  • Darren Friesen—Costa Rica
  • Joåo Nascimento—Portugal


(Personal Training)

  • Peter Downing—Edmonton
  • Ken Knight—Wyoming
  • Igor Zilberman—New York
  • Markus Kress—Germany
  • Attila Kálóczi—Florida



  • Abhijit Banerjee—Toronto
  • Aaron Chappel—Florida
  • David R. Giles—Florida
  • Mike Gaudio—Florida
  • Bill Dwyer—Florida
  • Matthew Dyck—Vancouver
  • Miklos Major—Texas

Guerrilla Anti-Trafficking Project Ranks

GAP Collaborators


  • Sean Stark—North Carolina
  • Marcy Sumner Grady—Georgia

About Guerrilla Global

Guerrilla Global was created to arm community leaders like coaches, teachers, mentors, and parents with the tools to encourage identification and resistance to predatory behavior.

Unlike many organizations we are perfectly equipped to educate both males and females in physical and non-physical aspects.

Our platform allows for both online and in-person training, speaking, and coaching engagements.

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