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About – Guerrilla Global
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Education with Grit!


Guerrilla Global, LLC

The foundation of Guerrilla Global, LLC is the fundamental understanding that every boy, girl, woman, and man deserves to live a life free from the bonds of slavery, abuse, and predation of all kinds.

What started as a passion project (Guerrilla Silat) to help empower, inspire, and give courage to victims of human trafficking in Quito Ecuador, has grown into a human rights mission with a global vision.

A vision where those involved truly believe that every individual has the right to live free from abuse, assault, and predation of any kind.

Who is Guerrilla Global, LLC?

Guerrilla Global, LLC is the parent organization of several human rights educational projects created to help people of all walks of life prevent, prepare fore, and survive predatory violence.

These projects are created with the input of, or directly by, highly qualified instructors of various backgrounds whose primary mission is to serve others with excellence.

It is my belief that these projects directly and indirectly help those who have already been affected by predatory violence, by providing necessary tools of empowerment and restoration.

The Vision

The vision of Guerrilla Global, LLC is to continue to hold human dignity as our highest calling, remain education centric and build Guerrilla cells in every community so the most people can benefit.

We’ll do this by keeping our coaching and instruction “guerrilla” style: direct, simple, and relatable.

Who Am I?


My name is Sean Stark and I am the creator of Guerrilla Global, LLC. I have a passion to educate those who have little protection and even smaller voices through education in areas of prevention, preparation, and survival.

I have nearly 30 years of martial arts training and coaching experience, fitness and nutrition certifications, and a passion for educating others about personal safety and predatory behaviors of all types.

I’ve been involved in helping provide tools of empowerment to children and adults alike.

Additionally, as co-founder of the original Guerrilla Silat Project, and founder of Guerrilla Global, LLC and it’s various branches, I continue to passionately serve and educate wherever I am able.

Some of my accomplishments:

  • Author of multiple Personal Safety Books
  • Author of Four Martial Arts Books on Pencak Silat
  • Military Police Officer—Augsburg, Germany
  • Former child guardian with Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A. ®) (5+ years)
  • Founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran (22+ years)
  • Co-Founder & President of Guerrilla Self-Protection
  • Founder of Guerrilla Anti-Trafficking Project
  • Practitioner and Instructor of various martial arts (30 years)
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition (2 years)
  • Certified in Fitness Instructor (1 year)
  • Certified General Nutrition Coach (1 year)
  • International Teaching Experience

My goal, and those who are involved with the Guerrilla Global programs, is to provide tools of empowerment that are efficient and direct so that they may be easily learned and transmitted to those in need.

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For more information on the original project click on the logo.

About Guerrilla Global

Guerrilla Global was created to arm community leaders like coaches, teachers, mentors, and parents with the tools to encourage identification and resistance to predatory behavior.

Unlike many organizations we are perfectly equipped to educate both males and females in physical and non-physical aspects.

Our platform allows for both online and in-person training, speaking, and coaching engagements.

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